New Site extends ACR’s WEEE Recycling and Waste Management Capabilities

New Site extends ACR’s WEEE Recycling and Waste Management Capabilities

ACR’s move to their new site in Colchester in September 2014 has enabled the company to grow their recycling capacity and capability in both the WEEE recycling and waste management and recycling arenas…

WEEE Recycling

The new 2 acre site in Colchester, with it’s warehouse sized refurbishment workshops, facilitates around 3 times the storage, sorting and WEEE recycling than ACR’s original site a few miles away.

ACR’s WEEE recycling processes remove hazardous elements from waste household and commercial appliances, returning recyclable metals, glass and plastics to manufacturing process where they can be used in new products is good news for everyone…

  • Good news for manufacturers who benefit from cheaper raw materials
  • Good news for consumers who benefit from lower cost replacement products
  • Good news for the environment which is protected from hazardous chemicals and the unnecessarily destructive extraction of chemicals and minerals needed to produce the metals, glass and plastics used in manufacturing.

ACR’s approach to WEEE recycling means that the business is about much more than the recovery and recycling of materials from waste products. ACR’s reconditioning expertise and capacity means that a great many of the discarded appliances collected from consumers and electrical retailers are thoroughly cleaned, repaired, tested and sold-on for reuse through their on-site retail shop, their online shop and through their ebay shop.

Click here for more information about ACR’s WEEE Recycling services.

Waste Management and Recycling

The increased space available at the new site has also facilitated working with and processing a far wider range of waste products and materials. ACR now process and recycle…

  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Polystyrene
  • Metals – including copper, lead, iron and steel.
  • Wood
  • And waste from the Construction and Demolition Industries

Members of the public are welcome to deliver waste items from the list above to ACR’s site in Colchester – businesses across England with larger and/or regular amounts of recycling waste should contact ACR to discuss collection and transportation from their site to ACR.

Click here for more information about ACR’s Waste Management and Recycling services.

In short, the new site means that if it can be recycled – ACR will recycle it!

ACR’s Recycling Centre is located at Oyster Haven, Haven Road, Colchester, Essex, C02 8HT

ACR can be contacted on 01206 793299 – or by email to

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